Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Exercises in Avoidance

A month! Where did that go? Wow. So my Gathered Pullover is knit. I have to set in the sleeves and sew in the ends.... So:

Here's what I've been doing instead.
Yep, that's not knitted lace, there is a crochet hook at the top of the picture. I'm not turning to the dark side. I've always crocheted, just lately I've decided that I like knitting better. Hence knitting blog. This is pure avoidance. It's a crocheted doily that I've actually made before but seem to have lost somewhere in the not ever actually using doilies that is my life. That's neither here nor there. I've messed up though, so now it sits until I feel I can tackle the thing again.

Lest you despair, however, there has been knitting.
A couple hats for the charity bin. These are random free patterns I pulled off the net. I have the specs somewhere, but can't feel motivated enough to find them. I did not invent the patterns. The yarn, I can tell you because it's stash yarn which I have the info in front of me (as opposed to in the other room). The purple is Bernat Big Value, and the red and black is Bernat Satin. All lovely and acrylicy. Mmmm plastic...

I also finished the first one of these:
Endpaper Mitts by Eunny Jang for a co-worker. I had to frog it the first time because the guage was too loose. Now it's good, but I've knit this pattern twice before, and I've grown bored with it. I guess I'd better finish it someday.

I finished some stuff too:

Sweetheart socks. Regia 4-ply yarn in a bright turquoise colour. I'll post a modelled shot next time. Finished socks mean new sock... right?
Pomatomus by Cookie A. from Knitty. Sorry no link today. Google it if you really want it. It's free :) I've knit these before but they came out really loose. So I used 2.25mm needles instead of 2.75mm ones, and it's coming out beautifully. I was admiring it yesterday when I looked at the rapidly diminishing ball of yarn (Bernat Sox) and took a look at the label. I bought one ball because the label said 1 ball for the socks pictured. I looked again and saw they were kid's socks. I'm not going to have anywhere near enough to knit these socks. Wah!

Moving on to happier stuff. Lady Eleanor, she is done. Here she is blocking:
And feeling fringey.
It's a terribly dark picture, but you can see the knotted fringe which was, I have to admit, part of the sell for me on this stole. Specs: Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole by Kathleen Power Johnson from Scarf Style edited by Pam Allen. The yarn is Noro Silk Garden in colour 244, and I used a 4.5 mm needle. Next up: dinner. Yay!
What, did you think I was going to say finishing? Pshaw!