Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Peer pressure

First up, I'd like to apologize for the horrifying lack of pictures lately. It's not as if I haven't been knitting. I have, if only sporadically. It's not as if I haven't taken photographs of the knitting I have done. I got a shot of my completed Seredipity Stole clue 3 the other day. The problem is my new printer. Huh? Yeah. I got my printer connected to my computer which had me very excited as it allowed me to actually print out an assignment in order to turn it in to my Astronomy professor. Turns out, professors like it when you turn in your assignments. Go figure. It's a great printer. It prints in colour, it scans (an excellent feature for tricky knitting charts in magazines you don't want to bugger up), it might even make julienne fries. Unfortunately, its software seems to have bunged up my computer's ability to recognize my camera or its software! So. I'm focussed on medieval Japan for now (for which I need my printer), but hopefully I can figure out the problem and show pictures soon.

As for peer pressure, the Yarn Harlot has been cranking out scarves of late. I've been admiring her lovely scarves thinking "those are pretty, but I don't feel a need to knit one." I thought the same thing when I saw Brooklyn Tweed's scarf. Now, while I don't need a new scarf, and I can't think of anyone else who could use one right now, I'm finding myself thinking something new. Now it's all about "Must. Knit. Scarf" Damn good thing I have no Noro in my stash at the moment, or I might be in serious trouble.

With any luck, I'll get the pictures sorted out soon. Until then, I'll keep knitting.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm it

I've been tagged. My first ever meme. Anneh has asked me to share 7 random facts about myself.

The rules:
-Link to your tagger and list these rules
-Share 7 facts about yourself (random or unusual)
-Tag 7 other people at the end of your post by leaving their names and links to their blogs
-Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

So here goes:
1. I eat everything separate. I'll eat all of one thing, then another, and another, until I'm done everything. In a specific order, too. Vegetables, potato, meat. I also really don't like it when things come into contact with each other either. Lots of jokes have been made at my expense regarding baby plates with divided sections.
2. I don't like chick movies. I like movies with lots of death, violence and gore. I truly loathed the Notebook.
3. I hate silence. It doesn't matter what I'm doing in my house, the tv or stereo are always on. Failing that, I'll talk to myself. I try not to do that in public, but I'm almost never without my iPod. I don't know what I'll do when it gives up the ghost.
4. I'm a Witch. Seriously. Wiccan is the preferred term, but it's tantamount to the same thing. I don't spend a lot of time on it, though. I'm kinda like Catholics that go to mass on christmas and easter.
5. I'm back in school after 8 years away. My degree is in English Literature, which anyone who knew me in high school would find hilarious. I took grade 12 English twice, and OAC English 3 times. In my defense, most of that was because I didn't get on with my teacher, and dropped it a couple of times. Still, doesn't lend me to an English scholar :)
6. I don't like children. Babies give me the creeps, and ultrasound pictures gross me out. They look like little aliens or something. Shudder.
7. I love sorting things. My mother had a big box full of miscellaneous loose buttons, and I would dump it out on the living room floor and sort them regularly. Then, when I was done, I would dump them all back in the box so I could sort them again next time. It didn't come as much of a surprise when I became a cataloguer. I guess I was born for library work.

So there you have it. If it wasn't clear before that I'm a little off, it must be crystal now. I'm not going to pass this on. If anyone reads this and wants to play along, feel free. Just let me know in the comments.

My Serendipity Stole is coming along nicely. I'm done my second clue 3, and will get pictures up asap. Until then, I hope this has been entertaining :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Progress Report

At the risk of repeating myself, I'm still here. I've been finding that my knitting has been sadly affected by my educational situation. Professors are so rude. They assign papers, and assignments and exams willy nilly with no respect for a person's knitting time. What can you do? I have been finding some time, but not so much for blogging. So if I actually have anybody still with me, here is the payoff :)

Mystery Stole 4 has been named. It will henceforth be known as the Serendipity Stole. And here is my progress:

Clues 1 through 6. That's all of them. This is, however only half of the stole. This has been set aside so I can go back and knit clues 1 through 5 again. Then comes the grafting fun. How bout some shots of this section?

This makes it hard to see the beads, but I like how the stitches pop.

Some diamonds. Cat hair is extra ;)

This makes me think of fish. I don't know if that was the intent, but there could be a seaweed, underwater thing going on with this stole. I love how the edges are all wavy.

So I've finished knitting clue 1 again, and have started on clue 2. Hopefully I'll get through that one by the end of the weekend (2.5 hours of Coronation Street on Sundays are prime knitting time) and can get on to clue 3. I think that's where we left off before, so that's where I'll try and get back to photographing it. I'm hoping that I can get it ready to be worn during the festive season. Crossing fingers. I have two assignments due in November, so we'll see. Knitting is excellent for procrastination.

In other project news, I got nothing. I'm pretty much focused on the Serendipity Stole for now. One project at a time makes for slow blogging, but it's about all I can handle right now. Hasn't stopped me from shopping though:

Tidepool Heather, and Green Tea Heather

Eggplant and Sweet Potato. All Knit Picks Palette. These are planning on being some mittens, gloves and or socks. Someday.

I will admit to some stealth knitting which will get some blogtime in December or the new year. Enough about that for now. Never know who's reading. So. Back to work.