Friday, January 25, 2008

So, it's a new year, and my goal is to keep this blog updated far more often. No more disappearing for a month at a time. I'm calling it a goal, not a resolution because everyone knows that New Year's resolutions are really made to be broken.

So, I figure once a week is pretty good unless there's something really spectacular to report like new yarn. I don't have any of that today, but I do have more of Lady Eleanor:

I'm still enamoured of this project. The yarn is beautiful and I find myself almost tansfixed by the way the colour changes and the little rectangles come together like something woven. I think I'm going to have to try more entrelac in the very near future. Noro Silk Garden is very loosely plied, but I've only had it break on me once, and it was right at the beginning of a rectangle, so it was easy to reattach without disrupting the colour shifts. There have also been a couple of knots, but they weren't much of a problem until this:

This picture is terrible. I admit it. I've tried playing with it, changing colour contrast and brightness, and sharpness, but I keep getting a blurry mess. You can see the knot there, though. The problem I have is that it's got teal on the left side of the knot and purple on the right. The colours don't change that way. I'm going to have to attach a new ball of yarn here to continue or else there will be a weird purple on purple thing happening. Not the end of the world, but irritating.

Anyway. Onward. I mentioned quite a while back that I had knit myself a Shedir hat. I finally got around to getting pictures. Here's me getting ready to escape the office. Goes to show how devoted I'm trying to be to this here blog, that I would take the time on my way out the door to beg a colleague to take my picture.

I have a really little head, so hats don't usually fit me as written, but I followed the directions in the pattern almost exactly except for a couple of rows of ribbing that I omitted. It fits pretty well. There is a bit of a pook on top, but not as dramatic as some of the hats I see on old guys at the bus stop that remind me a bit of mushroom tops.

Here's a close-up of the pattern. It shows really well in this yarn despite the dark yarn. It's Zara by Filatura Di Crosa (I think and things are really slow here at the moment and my windows keep freezing on my when I try and search anything, so I can't check at the moment.) in a navy blue.

Turned out really nicely. I wear this hat everyday and it's nice and cozy without being itchy. There's a lot to be said for 100% merino wool. I should probably mention that the pattern is Shedir from the special breast cancer awareness issue of Knitty. I'd link to it, but like I said, super slooooow.

That's it for today. Hopefully I'll get photographic proof that Not-so-Kakhi Cables is finished and wearable soon.

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