Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stole progress

And not much else...

I'm a little late in posting this. I actually finished the knitting on Sunday, but it was miserable weather until Tuesday, and today is the first time I've been home long enough to sit down for a minute. I'm still plugging away at my Mystery Stole. Here is is after the second clue:

I love how it's turning out. I am ploughing through my bead supply super quickly. I hope that the number of beads slows down a bit through the main body of the stole. I love the beads, but I'm not sure I can get more of the same. And I still have to knit the second half.

Oh well. I'm too busy to worry about it. I'm going to be traveling this weekend, so I'm hoping to get some non-lace knitting done on the Greyhound. Hopefully, I'll have something new to share next week. Till then...

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Jennith said...

She re-emerges indeed... I kind of gave up checking for a while, and when I come back there is a zillion posts and somehow you've finished 10 pairs of socks, part of a sweater and a bit of stole while the socks I started at the beginning of may still need a toe.

:D Happy travels