Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy New Year!

Belatedly :)

So it's another year.  Hopefully it will be full of lots of knitty goodness, and I'll have lots to show for it.  First, though I'll cap off the projects from 2008.  This is my final Finished Object (or Objects to be more precise) of 2008:
Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman.  I followed her instructions, with no changes, and came out with a perfect little jacket, who knew?
This shot is a better representation of the colour.  The yarn is Sublime  Superwash Merino, in a really pretty green shade that I used previously for a coworker's blanket.  This time it's for a very good friend of mine who is expecting her second in May (I think it's May, I'm not good at the baby stuff).  

The booties are Saartje's Bootees in the same yarn.  Here's a better shot:
Again, the colour is best in the previous picture.  I'm in love with these booties.  I've seen them all over the blogosphere, and always thought they were pretty cute, but seriously, until I actually had one finished in my hand, I had no idea.  Hopefully this little ensemble will fit, I'll have to wait and see.  Might also have to force myself into disgusting newborn presence in order to acquire photographic proof.  Blah, what can you do?

In other projects, I've almost finished the Reglisse pullover it's knit, just unassembled.  Soon, I promise.  Also, I have finished my Mosey legwarmers.  They are fabulous, but have yet to be photographed due to a combination of laziness on my part, frigid temperatures that are far beyond the possibility of legwarmers being enough to keep limbs from falling off, and a bus strike here in Ottawa that has reduced me (as an individual who chooses the more environmental public transportation system over owning a vehicle) to becoming a creature that lives in the dark.  Hopefully, I'll get some pictures soon.

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