Monday, April 13, 2009

Return to the land of the living

Well, almost anyway.

I have been plugging away on the final bits of my courses this term, and am so close I can almost taste it.  I wrote my history final on Thursday, and have my astronomy final on Saturday, and then I'm free until September.  I have been knitting off and on in an attempt to remain sane, so here's an update.
Carolina Sock number one is complete.  Mostly.  I have ends to sew in, but that part is not conducive to sanity, so it will wait.

In the meantime, I like to work one sock pattern and then another sock pattern before returning to the second sock from the first, so here's the new sock:
This is Wendy D. Johnson's Double Eyelet Rib sock.  It's knit from Knitpicks Essential yarn in the Russet Tweed colourway.  I was nervous about the little flecks of colour that are mixed in this yarn, but the pattern is coming through alright, I think.  It's a great pattern, incidentally and is one of her free ones.  I might also have preordered her book last week too, so there should be more to blog soon :)

Stash enhancement.  Hmmmm, there shouldn't be much to say about that.  I say "shouldn't," which somehow doesn't mean "isn't."  Ooops.  Some was necessary, and I'll get to that, but this is really pretty:

This is a hand dyed sock yarn from a Canadian dyer from Quebec called Biscotte & Cie.  Her colours are really gorgeous.  This one is Lupin in the Witch's Cat colourway.  It seems to meet the fine standards of the actual witch's cat in the picture.  Check!

Regia Galaxy Jupiter Granite.  This was an accident too.  I went to the LYS to get the yarn which is coming next, and found this in the sale bin.  How could I resist?  Seriously :)

This is what I went for, though:

Nothing spectacular, just a simple yarn.  Patons Shetland Chunky.  I got 15 balls of the Taupe colourway.  This is meant for a wedding present for my cousin.  The wedding is in June, I think I can manage.  Here's what I've got so far:
It's difficult to tell, but this is about half of the first repeat on Nora Gaughan's Hex Afghan from Knitting Nature.  I've wanted to knit something from this book for some time, and I've finally gotten the chance.  So far, it's coming together really well.  I just hope it doesn't get tedious.  I know it's going to get heavy.  Thank goodness this wedding is in June and not August :)

The last one is one I bought ages ago, but realized I had neglected to blog it. 

I'm not sure how I managed to miss it in my blogging, except that it's really pretty and it's possible I was hoarding it.  This is Americo Original 100% dehaired baby llama.  The colour is a steely grey, and I have one skein of it.  It's luxurious, and I'm awaiting the perfect pattern for it.  In the meantime, it sits on my desk and gets petted.

That's about it for now.  I just thought I should check in with the blog every month or so.  Bad blogger, I know.  Summer is almost here, and that should offer lots more to say.  I should return soon.  I hope.  No promises :)

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