Monday, July 20, 2009


More yarn.
So, the final package arrived, and it is glorious! Three skeins of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock. Haida from the Raven Clan. ST-2 from the Multicolor Wave collection (This is a Sock Summit colour, wahhh!). And Lover's Leap from the Watercolor Wave collection. I'm in love with this yarn. I'm dying to order more. It was a non-customs purchase too, so it will happen. Just have to wait a little while.

In the meantime. I said in my last post that I had knitting content. So here it is:
These shots are of a tank top from a knitting magazine I'd never encountered before. The magazine is called Verena Knitting, and is a UK magazine. The pattern is called Chocolate. I've dubbed my version Turquoise Chocolate, but I need a new name for it. I'm knitting it out of Waikiki, a yarn I picked up on sale when a LYS closed a while back. It's a linen, cotton blend, and I love the colours. I have a suspicion it will be really, really busy. Here's hoping it's wearable.

I also have socks. I finished the first Double Eyelet Rib sock:
And started a Trilobite sock from Wendy D. Johnson's book Socks From the Toe Up.

I'm a real freak, though, and failed to read the pattern properly. I knit along merrily through the toe, up the foot, into the arch shaping, turned the heel, knit the flap, and when I went to start the leg back in pattern, I noticed. I had knit the whole foot only repeating the first half of the chart! So, the leg looks decidedly different from the foot. Notice, I left it as it was. Can't be bothered to fix it. So lazy, am I. Now I need to cast on another sock quick, before I catch the dreaded second sock syndrome. Wish me luck :)

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