Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blah Blah Blah... Where's my Yarn?!

So school has been working its magic on me again, and this here blog is the one who gets ignored the most. I have an exam on Thursday. Guess what I'm doing...

Knitting, mostly, it would seem. Wanna see? Course you do :)
These are Skew:
The pattern is from Knitty (I do love my Knitty). It's from the Winter 09 issue, and was written by Lana Holden. I love how they're turning out, but I can't get them on my feet. So it's going to be frogged imminently and reknit using a larger needle. Maybe even some more stitches. We'll see. I actually knit this while on winter break in Paris. I really wish it fit, for the sake of having another pair of socks knit in Paris. It could become a tradition. Guess I'll have to go back, I'm so hard done by. Anyway, the yarn is Koigu, so must not be wasted. I'll give more info when you see them again.

Next finished object: Sunshine Socks:
These photos are terrible. It's actually a really nice day, but my balcony is not particularly welcoming right now. You can see in the pictures, there's a bit of a mess out there, and I didn't want to expose brand new socks to it too much. Consequently, there's a shadow interfering with the colour. The yarn is All Things Heather sock yarn, in the Sunshine colourway. The pattern is called (go figure) Sunshine, and is from Cookie A.'s book Sock Innovation. Love this book BTW.

Oh, here's why the balcony isn't friendly:
Momma pigeon is giving me the evil eye. I'm perilously close to her nest which currently contains two egglets. I wanted to sweep up the mess they left from the last batch, but discovered I was too late. So she watches me closely, and I avoid the balcony. It's an arrangement.

So what's not finished? How about Evenstar:
I'm soooo clooose... I've finished up to about 12 rounds in on clue six, which is the final clue before the beaded edging. I ordered my beads this past week, and will hopefully have them by the time I get to the end of this clue. It's taking forever, though. There are something between 672 and 570 stitches in a round at this point (I'm sure not counting), and it takes about an hour to knit two rounds. It's Blue Moon Fibre Arts, Silk Thread II in the Winter Solstice colourway, and it's knit on 3.25 mm needles. I can't wait until it's finished, and I can move on to the next project in the LOTR knitalong.

So when it takes forever to knit on the shawl, I need something that has a few less than 600 stitches to a round. Enter the new issue of Knitty:
This is Mystery + Manners by SpillyJane. I cast on the same day I saw the new issue, and have finished the first one (minus the thumb). I loved the peacock feather motif, and I had leftover Tidepool Heather from my NHM #7 mittens (the blue), and some Eggplant waiting to be something else, and knew they were meant to be. The yarn is KnitPicks Essential. The needles are 2.5 mm.

So, yeah. That's all I've got for you right now. I have a scarf that needs ends sewn in, and which I'm avoiding. Maybe I'll be able to show that next time. Mostly, though I'm sitting around waiting rather impatiently for my Mean Girls yarn to turn up. I've been watching the discussion boards on Ravelry, and other people have their yarn, including one hoar in the Netherlands. What's up with that. I might have to take up stalking the mailman... Or Canada Customs. I suspect one of them has my yarnz and I want it. Now! Now! Now! Now! NOW!

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