Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hi. I have emerged from under my school-related hidey hole, and have some actual knitting to report. Not a lot, but some. So let's get to it.

First, I have been working on my Annetrelac socks. I finished the first one:

And took to second sock in progress on a field trip:

I'm channelling my inner Yarn Harlot with these pics, but it was fun. One of the really wonderful things about living in Ottawa is the Central Experimental Farm. I actually live across the street from this corn field in the middle of the city.

There were cows, trust me, they're there.

And far more importantly, there were sheep:

I wonder if they recognize the sock...

In other knitting news, I finished something:

This is a baby blanket I knit for a co-worker who has since had her little girl, and taken possession of the gift. That makes it bloggable, right?

It's a simple garter stitch blanket based on a washcloth pattern. It's knit out of Sublime Extra-fine Merino DK, which is lovely! I almost wish I could have kept this blankie for me. I did manage to keep back 4 balls though, so maybe something. It's 25 inches square, knit on a 4.5 mm needle. I really love this project.

Not one to settle for a single pair of socks on the go, I also cast on this:

Embossed leaves by Mona Schmidt from the book Favorite Socks. This is a pretty simple pattern to work with, and I'm enjoying them quite a bit. The yarn is On Your Toes Bamboo, and is really slippery and really, really splitty, but I love the fabric it's making. The colour is really pretty too. This picture is a little more accurate:

A nice close-up on the leaves which really pop.

So anyway. I've got a little under two weeks before the fall term starts, and I've joined Mystery Stole 4, so there's yarn acquisition to be done, and there should be some actual activity on this here blog. No promises :)

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hakucho said...

Love your Annetrelac socks...anything entelac makes for a fun knit :)