Saturday, July 21, 2007

Back from holidays

So, before I ran off to the lake, I had mentioned that I had finished clue 1 of my Mystery Stole. So here are the pictures that I didn't have time to post:

The first clue is finished. It's pretty wide because I'm working with DK weight yarn, but I think it's still very usable.
Here's a closer shot:

I'm really loving this pattern. I'm actually thinking about making another one in a lace yarn. Maybe in a pewter colour, something silvery with black beads. This is like a drug. I can't get over how the lace images form.

As I mentioned, I spent the last week at the lake. I actually managed to get some knitting done. Here is my finished clue 2:

Not too shabby. You can see the blue line there. That would be my lifeline. Thankfully there have been no mishaps that would require its use, but I just know that if I hadn't put that in there, I would have been frogging away like mad. So, it will continue to mark my progress. I figure that it will act as the marker in the blog for where the clues begin. Works for me anyway. That lovely bit you can see past the stole? That's the big Rideau Lake. Our cottage is built on a hill so from the deck, you can look down at the water. Don't be too jealous, we came home early because we thought that staying might necessitate the building of an ark.

So now I'm on row 191 and am looking forward to finishing clue 3 in a matter of days. Not sure how long. I am also on page 134 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. So, I'll go back to the wizarding world now, and post about the non knitting things from the cottage sometime in the future. Hopefully, there'll be knitting progress then too :)

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