Sunday, January 28, 2007

Yarn and a Finished Object

Now, like most knitters, I have a lot of UFOs. I've convinced myself that this is normal. It does, however, feel extremely good to have an actual FO that isn't merely a sock. And I have that today!!! Behold, Kathy Zimmerman's crewneck cardigan from Family Circle Easy Knitting magazine Holiday 2005:

This was a realatively easy knit, I finished the knitting almost a year ago. It was the seaming that took forever! I hate seaming with a fiery passion and had to force myself to do it. But, hey nifty cardigan for me! It's knit with some of the last cheap acrylic yarn I had in my stash: Bernat Berella "4" in the Soft Heather colourway. I don't really mind knitting with acrylic... gasp! But I much prefer natural fibres. I chose wooden buttons for this:

You can almost see the little flowers burned into the button. I really like these buttons, even if the cardi is a little boring.

So, Yay! FO means new project, right... right? I'm hearing no objections, so here is new yarn!

Briggs & Little Regal in black. Won't photograph well, I know, but I needed a black cardigan and found the perfect one in the Winter 2006 issue of Knitter's magazine. This yummy yarn wants to be the Khaki Cables cardigan designed by Penny Ollman.
So now, I'm off, I have a new project calling me. New stuff soon.

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